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Ez2290.com is a first of its kind HVUT (Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax) full service e-file provider that offers live phone and chat support. Our combined experience of over 10 years in the tax filing industry ensures that you get the best of both worlds, online filing or full service assisted filing. In either case, you have a support team available to work with you at no additional cost.

Free Re-File Rejected Return

On our website you can re-file your rejected returns for free. If your 2290 filing gets rejected by the IRS due to incorrect information such as a wrong EIN number, Name, or EIN and Name mismatch, etc, then you can correct the details and resubmit without having to pay us again for the corrected return.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Our tax engine automatically calculates your tax liabilities and credit. And even better, our system always remains in sync with the IRS tax table. When a tax rate or rule changes, our tax and rule engine knows to sync up automatically with the most updated calculations and rules, ensuring that you get error-free E- filing.

Authorized By IRS

We are an authorized IRS e-file service provider for e-filing Form 2290 returns. We have included everything needed to get you started in the e-filing process. We work closely with the IRS to provide you with a safe, secure, and accurate process that will save you time and money. We provide proficient customer support that you can count on.


Our website offers you unmatched experience in terms of time and cost efficiency when you choose to file your client's 2290's electronically.

Amend Form 2290

Our easy to use ez2290 system saves most of the business owners valuable time and allows them to e-file 2290 form within minutes.

Full Service

We offer Full Service 2290 tax filing for those customers with large fleets or who need additional assistance with the filing process.

Free VIN Corrections

If you made a mistake on any of the VIN in the previously filed 2290 Form, then you need to file a VIN correction. On our website it’s quick and easy to file VIN corrections under the 2290 Amendment option. You can get your VIN correction submitted and receive a schedule 1 in a few minutes.

Saves the Information

Once the IRS accepts your return, you can download your stamped Schedule 1 anytime from your account. Your Business Information will automatically be saved in the system so you do not have to re-enter all of the information when you e-file the next time.

Support Center

Our Knowledge Center provides Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the 2290 forms and 2290 e-filing.

One Click E-File Form 2290

Our E-file process ensures the fastest delivery of an IRS Approved/Stamped Schedule 1. In most cases you get your Schedule 1 in less than 10 minutes*. Unlike other providers, we do not batch your 2290 e-filed return, it goes real time upon submission on our website. If it’s on the web, it has to be real time processing!

Bulk Upload

For accountants, tax practitioners, and fleet owners who do large filings, there is no need to keep filing your trucks manually, one by one. You can use the bulk upload feature which enables you to upload your vehicle data by importing the Excel sheet into the system. This eliminates the entry of each vehicle record, thus saving you time and effort.


Ez2290.com provides the solution to all of your form 2290 electronic filing needs. Ez2290.com offers live phone and chat support at no additional charge.